It's a strange concept to keep whapping people over the head with.

I don't hate men.

I hate certain men for things they do, but as a whole, I see their validity and they have a right to be on the planet as long as they don't try to hump my leg while I try flirting with a girl.

So for a facebook status recently, I wrote up, "I hope my co-worker gets better soon so I can play video games with him."

And my co-workers, new and past wrote, up "Him?"

As if I don't associate with men.

I admit, I am intimidated by some men. And I probably do a fair share of intimidating other men. I have many aspects of bullying ingrained into me. Perhaps because I have created a false self-image but that's a whole other topic. But these are separate from the fact that I truly do have many male friends, gay and straight. I enjoy their company, I don't flirt with them and I hope that they enjoy what I bring to our friendship.

Now, like many women, I did try to date men. There were a few in my past. At this point actually, the number of men I've attempted to date is higher than the number of women. Did this mean they "turned me away"? No, I was pretty lucky that all the men I associated with really did treat me well. Other than being emotionally intimidated by one, I don't think there was an instant I can recall that 'turned me'. I have always been friends with boys growing up. That's the part of "tomboy" that is pretty obvious.

So, in summation: while I wasn't pleased about learning I was a lesbian, turns out I was already pre-programed that way.