This concept had been shown to me once before in one of my favorite books, Adeptus Major. In the book, the fictual country of Atlantis, marriages openly took place between men, women, multiple partners in a given marriage.

So I've been watching HBO's Big Love. And within the first season, the proclaimed prophet of the fictional polgamist sect that the Hendricksons come from is quoted in the LA Times as saying, "We're just like the homosexuals."

Keeping well in mind, outside of the Greenes, the Juniper Creek arch rivals, I really doubt anyone who has homesexual tendancies would survive in their required values.

But they're not wrong really on one point. They are at least in this portral. The Hendricksons work hard, they apparently are not on foodstamps, and they are not interested in pressing anyone else to live their lifestyle. Certainly there are things that go on in this fictional account of a polygamous family trying to live a modern life that aren't even possible, but from all accounts, it appears that this family is working, however different.

I want to get married to a woman who wants me in her life. Maybe we'll raise kids. If I can do that, it means I've achieved something in my life that isn't just about being gay. It's about being human at its most basic level.

So I sit here and ask myself, what's wrong with polygamy? It's allowed by the Muslim faith as long as the family can sufficiently provide for every additional wife added to the family. Polygamists have a right to their values, they don't expect me to drop everything and become a polygamist, I don't expect anyone to drop everything and be gay.

I do draw the line on the under 18 marriages that most FLDS appear to partake in. And it would be reassuring if there were some "quest" to know that polygamy was what you really wanted and not because that's the only thing you knew. I can't see this being any different than when I chose my political party or took my confirmation.

So if I accept this as being true, at what point are we ruining the concept of marriage? Is it when we forbid people marrying animals? How about close familial marriages? These are the pictures of main arguements against gay marriage to begin with.

Religion aside, marriage is a recognition that two people are willing to slug this thing called 'life' out side by side. In the US 1800's it mean going "west" and beating off the elements and wildlife, and diseases. Today, it means battling finaces, doing what both want to do to get a desired result. One will be strong when the other cannot, and sometimes through all of the trials and revlations, you stop and enjoy those moments that you accomplished with someone else.

Maybe I'm old fashioned. Maybe I don't know what it's like to be married because I haven't been married. Or maybe, I'm not wrong in the big picture and it's time that everyone stepped back to see it. Who knows?